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Another blog and Google Earth Pro

I have got the blogger bug.....  just created another blog/website in wordpress for my Estonian research.   See  It is also listed in my profile.

In the family research blog, I explored using Google Earth Pro to display locations for my Estonian research.  This was inspired by Lisa Louise Cooke's brilliant plenary session which finished off the 15th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry in Sydney Being new to Google Earth, I was able to easily follow her instructions to get and create my free Google Earth Pro Historical Map collection .... and even rememberd to File->Save->Save My Places often.  It is amazing what this could be used for if you get access to detailed maps (even beyond what we added from Rumsey).

BUT... I am so new to this tool that I needed to take a step back and just start getting familiar with it.  I've started with basic mapping geographically where my parents were born and will extend this as I find where other relatives are born, go to school, travel to etc.  That's what I'll do on the family research website to go beyond just the dates and places in records.

Doing a search for more resources and ideas on how to use it for genealogy, it is not surprising to find Lisa Louise Cooke has FREE Google Earth for Genealogy video class  (good reinforcement of what we already saw plus more) and  now I'm a little cross with myself for not buying her Google Book during the congress....

Stepping up to the Historical Map Collection - Rumsey's Europe/Russia maps and Europe/Scandinavia maps from 1700s/1800s are going to be well used once I can get my family research back further.

The next part was a bit harder - looking for  more recent maps, and integrating them into my own private collection.  I found a high level one at University of Texas for 1944 ( ) but still searching....  
YES - found a couple more maps from Estonian Soviet Encyclopedia for end of 19th century and 1939 at Maps of Estonian Territorial division.
And ofcourse there is always my husband's family tree that I research when I can -- that is in Australia so those great maps will be used quite soon, I think.  Might try to do a bulk load of birth and death places.....


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